otkup mlijeka

As a service of its members, the Cooperative is fully in function of development of agricultural households. Given that fact that we managed, thanks to the Cooperative’s activities, renew the cattle pool for dairy cattle-breeding and organized production of milk with our members in 15 villages.


Beside milk, as the basic source of income, during last couple of years we gave incentives for production of fruits – apples and plums. For this purpose we built Cooperative’s mini-drying and mini-cooling facilities. During the last two years we have organized and keep providing loans for production of pumpkin seeds for Cooperative’s final processing of cold-pressed pumpkin-seed oil.


Capacity of the newly built mini oil production is 10 000 liters or 40 000 bottles of 250 ml of virgin pumpkin-seed oil or 30 000 liters of cold-pressed sunflower oil, annually in one production shift. This means that as a response to market demand with no difficulty there could be organized in a second shift doubling annual scope of production.


Besides, with our members we support production of wheat, rye and domestic corn for our own processing of whole flour. For the purpose of purchase and processing of domestic grain, Agrojapra has built watermill on Japra River for production of whole flour with preserved natural characteristics. The mill – village mill during one hour processes 80 kg of grain.