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Agrojapra’s products can be found at all Delta-maxi shops, DM shops, Banja Luka Market place shops Tržnica, BmD commerce shop in Doboj, TD shops in Sarajevo, healthy food shops and pharmacies as well as in retailer centers Majkić and Long commerce in Banja Luka, Biona & Beyond in Sarajevo, Agroneretva in Mostar, Phoenix in Bijeljina, TUŠ markets in Bihac, Sanski Most, Cazin, Prnjavor and Doboj.

Djevičansko ulje

Virgin oil of pumpkin seeds, cold-pressed (0, 25 litres)

+ Big gold medal for quality, Novi Sad Fair in 2009
+ Gold medal, fair in Gradacac in 2008
+ Gold medal, Novi Sad Fair in 2008
+ Silver medal, fair in Gradacac in 2007

Extra good quality pumpkin oil is pressed in ultimate high-quality technology of cold-squeezing of seeds, without preservatives or additives. Thanks to such press procedure the original quality of the oil is completely maintained with its extremely significant ingredients: high level of essential fat acids (lanolin omega-6 and oleic omega-9), tocoferol, sterol and other minor ingredients.

Pumpkin oil, which is without cholesterol, has certain pharmacological and therapy characteristics. It is specifically helpful for inflammation of prostate and other urinal problems caused by enlarged prostate. Besides, this oil shows very positive effects in human body by acting: anti-inflammatory, diuretically, anti-microbe, blocking the free radicals. Also, it is very helpful with cardiovascular conditions, hypertension, arthrosclerosis, etc. It improves immune system of the body.

It could be used in many ways, as additive to many meals, boiled vegetables, meat, dough, salads but also as a bread spread. It is extremely healthy to take one soupspoon of it in the morning before meal and in the evening before going to bed.

Nutrition value: average per 100g; Energy value 3868 kJ / 924 kcal; Fats 99,3 g; Saturated fat acids 16,6 g; Mono-saturated fat acids. 37, 0 g; Poly-saturated fat acids. 44,5 g; Cholesterol 0,0 mg; Vitamin E 8,0 mg; Proteins 0,0 g; Carbon Hydrates 0,0 g

otkup mlijeka

Sunflower oil, cold-pressed (1 litre)

+ Quality Champion, Novi Sad Fair in 2009
+ Gold medal, Fair in Gradacac in 2008
+ Silver medal, Novi Sad Fair in 2008
+ Gold medal, fair in Gradacac in 2007

This oil is produced of the most qualitative sunflower seeds through mechanical cold-pressed process. The oil has unique, very pleasant aroma of sunflower and as such is used for cooking and frying of different types of food, as an additive for salads, vegetables, meat, dough, etc. Because of the high level of essential lanolin (omega-6) acid and natural vitamin E, it strongly acts on strengthening of a body, lowering of cholesterol and lipids in blood, against constipation and ulcer. It could be applied in cosmetics and for massage. This natural product does not contain cholesterol, additives or preservatives. It should be kept in a dark and cold place.

otkup mlijeka

Flour of pumpkin seeds (Net: 200 grams)

Pumpkin seed flour is a rich source of essential acids, amino acids and cellulose, vitamin E and mineral materials: iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphor, copper and manganese. By mixing 20% of pumpkin-seed flour and 80% wheat flour one gets a baking product of superb quality, very aromatic but yet specific taste and smell. It is recommended for persons who require increased input of proteins like sportsmen, young people while growing up and elderly during the recovery from illness or tiredness. Should be kept in a dark and cold place.


otkup mlijeka

Pumpkin seeds (100 grams)

Raw, fried, salty or non-salty pumpkin seeds are a healthy “snack” for every day. They are tasty because of proteins, oils and minerals. They represent especially rich source of magnesium, phosphor, copper, iron and manganese. Contain proteins, vitamin E as biological antioxidant but also have two very important amino acids – cucurbit in and L-triptofan.

It does not affect a slim figure but the opposite - provides body with values necessary for maintaining slim figure and health.

Watermill flour

Under a big watermill stone we grind this whole flour with all invaluable ingredients of a healthy grain. Therefore it is used by experienced bakers, caring mothers and housewives and all those who appreciate richness of healthy and tasty baked goods.

Gradacac Fair in 2007 and 2008 awarded special Fair acknowledgements to GAC “Agrojapra" for support and production of whole-wheat mill products: wheat, rye and corn flour grinded under watermill stone, which preserved all natural characteristics.

Integralno pšenično brašno

Whole wheat

flour 1 kg

Domestic product without additives, preservatives and other chemical ingredients. Produced in a watermill. Products made with whole wheat flour have high biological value due to high level of mineral materials, vitamins and cellulose.


Integralno raženo brašno

Whole rye

flour 1 kg

Under watermill stones we grind whole flour with all its invaluable values of the healthy grain. Therefore it is used by experienced bakers, caring mothers and housewives and all those who appreciate richness and health of tasty baked goods.


Domaće kukuruzno brašno

Domestic corn


Domestic corn flour is produced exclusively from domestic (home produced) corn. It is meant for preparation of food specialties: pura – kacamak, palenta and corn bread – kukuruza.

Domaće kukuruzno brašno

Buckwheat whole


Buckwheat whole flour is produced in a watermill. It is used for making bread, bakery products and pancakes combined with 30 -40% od other flour.

Sušene šljive



Pasteurized prunes
Humidity max. 35%
Number of pieces in 250 g: 30-40
Preservative: Potassium sorbate

Sušene šljive

Apple chips

Apple Chips are 100% natural, no added salt, oils and preservatives. It is suitable for serving nibbles, making compote and tea, and supplement with a good wine.

Suva šljiva

Pitted prunes

Ingredients: pitted prunes
preservative potassium - sorbate.
Wet pasteurized for instant use.
Humidity max. 35%
Packing: 100 gr, 200 gr